Friday, 21 February 2014

Spider Bites

Out of 40,000 known genera  200 species of spider are capable of giving a potentially lethal bite.

The venom from a spider bite can cause a necrotic reaction to the body, in other words the premature death of cells and the skin starts to eat itself.

This woman's ear turned black after being bitten.

A spider bite after infection has been removed.

Spider venom comes in two forms, neurotoxic which attacks the nervous system, Black Widow and Funnel Web Spider bites fall into this category. Necrotic venom attacks the skin cells , Hobo Spiders and Brown Recluse bites are included here.

Brown Recluse.

The Australian Funnel Web is a pretty scary looking individual.

The Black Widow.

The Camel Spider must be one of the ugliest creatures on Earth.

Although not normally dangerous Camel Spiders can bite, Camel Spiders are not true spiders but are members of the same family of arachnids that includes spiders and scorpions.

A soldier in the middle east with a camel spider bite.

The Goliath Bird Eating Spider- A type of Tarantula. Its bite is relatively harmless to humans.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jesus H Christ

Lower leg injury.

"Make that two with fries please"

This Is Awesome !

How does this woman do this without puking up? Can you imagine the smell when this rancid pile of puss is released?